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4 Time of the Month Essentials. Period.

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

It's that dreaded time of the month and we honestly have nothing great to say other than here are some products you can feel good about shoving up your honey pot.

We understand that while your hormones decide to go crazy for a few days (or week), there are small comforts you can take to ease the pain. We have rounded up the top 4 products you can refresh on a monthly basis when Aunt Flo rolls into town.

100% Cotton Tampons

Honey Pot makes 100% Organic Cotton - which means clean cotton - free from chlorine, perfumes, dyes, or synthetic materials. Who knew you had to even specify you wanted chemical-free tampons?

The applicator is made from soft, eco friendly, BPA-free plastic (again, is that so much to ask?) and provides a smooth insertion. Not sure about you, but cardboard applicators are just not cutting it for the ol' Honey Pot.

100% Cotton Panty Liner

For times that Aunt Flo is getting ready to leave and you need that extra layer of protection before she finally hits the road, here are the same chemical-free quality feminine products from Honey Pot in a panty liner. Unlike conventional feminine liner and pad products that are treated with pesticides, chlorine, and other harsh chemicals, The Honey Pot liners are free of chemicals, parabens, carcinogens, and sulfates. (I'm sorry, but again, do we really need to ask for this?)

Even better, each pantiliner is infused with a soothing blend of essential oils. Lavender calms inflammation, rose tones sensitive skin, aloe vera soothes, and mint gently cools tenderness. These oils, combined with plant-based materials, help relieve dryness, discomfort, and menstrual cramps. (Yes please, my hoo-ha thanks you).

100% Organic Periodic Tea

PSA: Earth Mama creates some amazing organic and natural products for women. Especially for the Mama's out there dealing with birth recovery and breastfeeding, please check out their products.

Specifically for that time of the month, we bring you their Periodic Tea. Containing the perfect blend of herbs, this tea is soothing and hits the spot to take the edge off the pain. Go ahead and get your teapot ready so you can bring a sense of calm to the little baby wolves scratching out your uterus.

Chocolate. Period.

To be honest, this one we feel is pretty self explanatory. Any chocolate will do. Any sweets will do, really. But as we make conscious decisions about what we bring into our home and put into our body, we started thinking about the products we choose, and this includes Chocolate.

Finding a "clean" ethically sourced chocolate was actually harder than we thought. The company, Hu, came across the same problem and took it into their own hands. Their backstory is great, and their chocolate is clean. NO Dairy, NO GMOs, NO Emulsifiers, NO Soy Lecithin, NO Gluten, NO Refined Sugar, NO Cane Sugar, and NO Sugar Alcohol. And it tastes incredible. Enjoy!

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