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4 Household Chores To Go Green

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Going green has never been easier as we break down the four most common household chores and how you can implement eco-friendly solutions.

It can be overwhelming at times to understand the impact we are having on our planet and what the best way is to help. Our consumption as consumers is unprecedented and navigating the ways in which we can minimize our carbon footprint can seem daunting.

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” -Robert Swan

Below we break down 4 tangible ways you can overhaul your household chores to be more eco-friendly.

Take Out The Trash

When it comes to garbage, the reality can be dirty. According to the EPA, the "total generation of municipal solid waste (MSW) in [the US] was 292.4 million tons" or an average of "4.9 pounds per person per day". While the goal is to certainly reduce our waste, there are little things like using recycled plastic as your plastic trash bag to take a step in the right direction.

Let's face it, it would be wonderful to use bio-degradable trash bags but the reality is they disintegrate before you can even get it out to the garbage can. So, as an alternative we are loving the Grove Collaborative 100% recycled plastic trash bags. Reduce, reuse, recycle...

Do The Laundry

Thinking about the chemicals, dyes, and unnecessary artificial fragrances that can be found in so many laundry detergents is exhausting. Almost as exhausting as folding laundry. Not to mention the amount of heavy-duty plastic used for laundry cartons. One of the companies we are loving that has solved this problem is Dropps. You don't don't have to change the way you do laundry, you are just eliminating the chemicals, dyes, plastic, and getting the same clean.

Dropps laundry detergent formulas are dye-free, phthalate-free, phosphate-free and animal-cruelty-free in addition to coming in compostable packaging that helps keep single-use plastic out of the landfill.

Clean The Counters

The counters, the mirrors, the windows, the bathroom. We have found a solution that can do it all. Not only is it non-toxic, natural, and without bleach, alcohol or dyes, it is made guessed it (just kidding), electrolyzed water. You can learn more about the science behind their perfectly balanced pH formula here.

The best part, you have one reusable bottle with one cleaning solution that you can make easily right in your own home. No more running out to grab glass cleaner, floor cleaner, tile cleaner, bleach, sanitizer. Force of Nature has one solution for all your cleaning needs.

Wash The Dishes

Last but not least, our least favorite chore. But also sometimes our most favorite when we can hide in the kitchen and pretend to make ourselves busy. By now you catch our drift that we are chemical, dye, artificial fragrance free as a minimum requirement for the products we recommend, and Puracy is no exception. Best of all, you can purchase in reduced-plastic packaging that holds 64 fl oz refills of naturally derived, hypoallergenic, vegan, gluten-free, biodegradable, Certified Cruelty-Free-Never Tested on Animals, Made in the USA dish soap.

In Summary

There you have it, our top 4 household chores going green. There are little ways you can make tweaks and changes to the way you operate in the world as a consumer to reduce your carbon footprint. While the goal is to ultimately consume and waste less, the collective effort of each person to minimize their consumption of single-use plastic and harmful chemicals will benefit you in the short term, and humanity in the long term.

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